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Up in California right now, Athlete’s Camp at CrossFit Invictus with CJ. Staying with my BFF, and having a hell of a time in the Cali sunshine. So nice to leave -32C behind. 

630AM: Hot yoga.

730AM: 2L H20 + supplements.

900AM: Coffee (black), 3 eggs + sausage.

12:00PM: Porkchop + kale.

430PM: Steak, sausage, brussels sprouts + bacon.

*See, you really can travel and eat clean. I hate when people say you can’t. You have to want it bad enough to be willing to go out of your way. It’s too easy to eat bad. 

Shit ton of water today. Walked probably 12 miles throughout the course of the day. Shopping and sightseeing. I love San Diego. I really do.

I’m a sucker for sunshine and the ocean.


5AM: Coffee + heavy whipping cream.

8AM: 5 Bacon, 3 Eggs, 1/2 avocado, 1 banana.


Sleep: 11PM-930AM

10AM: Coffee + heavy whipping cream (1/2c only this morning), 5 bacon + 3 eggs + 1/2 avocado. Finally they’re ripe.

330PM: Snack size can of tuna + lemon pepper. Sirloin steak bites + asparagus. Pre-game meal. 2L H20, need to be hydrated!

6PM: Hockey game.

8PM: Pork riblets + sweet potato fries. It was seriously carnage on my plate. Holy did I put back a lotta ribs.

Total: Cal: 3061 Pro: 225g (this can’t be right) Fat: 103g Carb: 75g

*Hectic day yesterday: up early to train, training in a condensed time is sometimes good - got me a PR. Headed right out to Kamsack to coach high school basketball all day. Found grocery store, and ate clean for lunch. Dinner was at JB’s, and I kept it clean as well, followed by a paleo birthday cake. No booze either! 


5AM: Coffee + heavy whipping cream.

6AM: Coach.

8AM, Breaky: 5 Bacon, 3 Eggs, 1/4c pecans, coffee + heavy whipping cream.

10AM, Training: Skill work, strength work, + MAP. Followed by protein, glutamine, creatine. 2L H20.

12PM, Lunch: Shredded chicken + bacon.

2PM: 2L H20.

430PM: Needed to grab some food, not prepared for coaching the entire night tonight. Out of my routine. Picked up a whole chicken from Co-Op, plus cubed watermelon and a veggie tray. 

*Feeling much better this week. Finished antibiotics yesterday, not really coughing today. Rested yesterday, training today was better. Still fairly sore - not recovered well from earlier in the week. Still under 150#, so that’s a plus. Reached 144# while I was sick, and that’s the lowest I’ve been in over a year.


It’s not that I’m not eating clean, I swear. I just run out of time at the end of the day to post this stuff! 

Finally done my antibiotics as of last night, and I can taste my food this morning! What a refreshing way to start my morning.

6AM: Coach at FUNCTION. Green tea.

Breaky, 8AM: 2 Bacon (such a sad this morning, none left for me), 3 eggs, 1 tsp almond butter, 1/4c pecans, 1c strawberries, coffee + heavy whipping cream (yum!)

TotalCal: 1554 Fat: 60g Carb: 23g Pro: 29g

Jan 8


Breakfast, 5AM: 1/2c grapes, 1/2c pecans, Viking Hash + Ground Beef.


7AM: Coach Basketball

8AM: Coffee + heavy whipping cream.

Total: Cal: 1198, Fat: 73g, Carb: 56g, Protein: 90g.

Jan 8


Breakfast: 3 eggs, 5 bacon.

Lunch: Pizza In A Bowl (Sausage cut up, red peppers, mushrooms & tomato sauce) + Lettuce and cucumbers, 1 small banana.

Dinner: Viking Hash + Ground Beef.

Total: Cal: 3029, Fat: 195g, Carbs: 146g, Protein: 186g.

*High carb today, but I think my body went into ravenous mode after not eating for a week. Lost 9 pounds just laying on the couch eating soup & not training. Training was mediocre today: lungs were lagging in the metcon, and my lifts before were weak. To be expected, I guess, but not accepted.

Jan 2


Well that worked out great.

Been sick since the 31st with strep throat and a little bit of a fever. Been eating nothing but chicken noodle soup, because of these razor blades in my throat.

This is so not fun. I don’t get sick all year long, and now twice in less than a month. That’s what high stress, no sleep, and a week of shitty food will do to you.

I’ll start posting again once I’m back to eating normal food. I’m sure “Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup” over and over again isn’t very entertaining. 


OK - back on the wagon. This week of Christmas has been a week of food-hell. I’m hungover from all the garbage, and now it’s time to get back up and focus in. The CrossFit Open begins in just a short three months, and I’ve got work to do. TIME TO WORK.

Sleep: 1AM - 8:30AM, late night with Christmas Party last night.

9:30AM: 5xBacon, 3xEggs, 1/2 Avocado, 1 Med Banana

10:30AM: Small apple + cinnamon. Seriously craving carbs right now. 

11AM: Outdoor hockey, 1.5hrs.

1:30PM: Ground Beef Hamburgers + Grilled Pineapple + Sauteed Mushrooms + 2c. Kale (somewhere overnight I decided I like pineapple, when I’ve hated it my entire life).

4PM: 1c. Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup. Super sore throat, feeling like a cold is coming on (no surprise, given my shitty eating habits this week). Felt good on my throat.

7:30-10PM: 2c. Tea at hockey game.

10PM: 1 Can Tuna + 1 tbsp Mayo + 1 Small Apple. 

Calories: 2506 Protein: 158g Fat: 166g Carbs: 108g (22g fiber, 58g sugars)

Notes: Too much fruit today. No sugar in bad food = must get it from somewhere else. No fruit!  


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted! I can’t keep up!

M/F/S: 4/3/2

5AM: 1L H20, vitamins & supplements.

6AM: 4 eggs, 8 bacon, 1/2 avocado, coffee + heavy cream. 

7AM: Basketball Practice.

Macro Total: Cal: 1300 Fat: 33g Carb: 13.2g Pro: 42.9g